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Tutorial – Artscale Terminator

Ever since I made my first Artscale Terminator I’ve been asked for a tutorial on how I did it. I was very hesitant for a long time because it takes a while to put this together but also because it requires a better grasp of using Green Stuff than the Artscale Space Marine in Power Armour.

However, enough people requested it, so after a very very long wait for some people I finally got it done.

I’ve tried to make this guide as straightforward as possible. It will require some patience and practise if you’re new to Green Stuff and sculpting but hopefully it’s still rather accessible.

Please feel free to leave comments or email me with questions or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.

Click here to go to full tutorial.


September 26, 2012

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  • Minigiant

    Very impressive stuff, ive used your tutorials for my marines and now ill shall do the same for termnators.

    On a side note im not asking for a tutorial but how would you true scale bikes? Ive been trying to figure it out for a little while now and i would appreciate some experience in this area

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter


      This is how I did my first truescale bike: http://masteroftheforge.com/2010/09/29/artscale-space-marine-bike/

      If I were make any more I’d do them the same way, using the basic bike as a starting point and widen it by putting a spacer down the middle. On the first one I used Ork vehicle wheels and Ork bike forks (I think). In future I think I’d source the wheels from somewhere else though, or even make them myself.