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Artscale Imperial Fist – Charity Auction


Look what came in the post yesterday. It’s so weird to see something I made painted so amazingly well. As much as I’d like to keep it, this model is now up for auction on ebay, 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Birmingham Dogs Home Charity, who sadly need all the money they can get this time of year. The auction will last 10 days.

A big thank you goes out to Rafael (Volomir) for the amazing paint job and excellent photos. Find his website here: http://volomir.blogspot.com

Here’s the link to the actual auction for anyone interested in bidding: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200867791829

Please go out of your way to let your blog readers, friends, acquaintances and mortal enemies know about the auction. Fingers crossed it’ll fetch a nice price.

I’m also listing my Inquisitor and Truescale Grey Knight as a second auction to help boost the final donation. They’re not as well painted but the conversions and rather nice if I do say so myself: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200867874124








I’m proud to be able to report that these three minis have managed to raise £347 for the Birmingham Dog Home.

Thank you to everyone who bid on or helped spread word of the auction. It is very much appreciated.

December 20, 2012

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  • humbrade

    Sold for £280.00. Very nice.

  • the_valeyard6

    not sure were to post this but i was curious about whether commission sculpting is legal, for a while i have been thinking about starting some commission work and you have done it many times before so i assumed it was as you dont cast anything, but i read the legal page on there website and it dosnt really mention it so is it legal?

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      It’s a good question, and I honestly don’t know the answer.

      I’ve never heard of anyone doing commission work (painting, converting or sculpting) ever receiving cease and desist communications from GW.

      I think with commission work it’s never really something that involves mass production and as such is not a threat to their business… and really it’s something that helps promote their business. I doubt it’s something GW would want to put an end to.

      One part of the GW Legal page says:

      “Conversions are a major aspect of the hobby, although in intellectual property terms, they also constitute a major infringement. However, we are certainly not about to stop people making cool conversions of our products…”

      I think you can look at commission work as paying for someone’s time and expertise working with miniatures, rather than paying someone to rip-off GW’s IP.

      • the_valeyard6

        ok thanks for the answer, i may look into it more a bit later, so am i right in saying each model has to be sculpted, no reason parts that i cast of my own work?

        • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

          Yeah, if you’re sculpting everything yourself then the only issue comes about from use of GW’s trademarks, both in the sculpt (ie: Blood Angel iconography) and using trademarks in the description of the item being sold.

          I can’t give legal advice but I think the ‘big’ issue is the difference between a one offs and mass production.

          • the_valeyard6

            ok thanks, i have casts of the very basics they hadent got aqueilers or any little details there so i sculpt the detail of to that so theres less molds and there indervidual