Artscale Imperial Fist – Charity Auction


Look what came in the post yesterday. It’s so weird to see something I made painted so amazingly well. As much as I’d like to keep it, this model is now up for auction on ebay, 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Birmingham Dogs Home Charity, who sadly need all the money they can get this time of year. The auction will last 10 days.

A big thank you goes out to Rafael (Volomir) for the amazing paint job and excellent photos. Find his website here:

Here’s the link to the actual auction for anyone interested in bidding:

Please go out of your way to let your blog readers, friends, acquaintances and mortal enemies know about the auction. Fingers crossed it’ll fetch a nice price.

I’m also listing my Inquisitor and Truescale Grey Knight as a second auction to help boost the final donation. They’re not as well painted but the conversions and rather nice if I do say so myself:




I’m proud to be able to report that these three minis have managed to raise £347 for the Birmingham Dog Home.

Thank you to everyone who bid on or helped spread word of the auction. It is very much appreciated.