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Eldar Pirates

Here we go, first proper post back from a long time off.

This little project started out when my local store started up a Kill Team tournament. At the time I was looking for a nice straightforward project to work on, nothing too ambitious as I wanted to actually take part in the tournament, but also something a bit different from my usual conversions.

I opted to build a squad of Eldar Pirates, mainly as a chance to use some of the wide range of gorgeous Eldar/Elven plastics. I also really wanted to make a flamboyant Eldar Pirate Prince conversion, something on my ‘To-Do’ list for a long time.

Although the idea for the original Kill Team was only about 8 models I had so many left over bits I just carried on making more. The base parts came from a box of Dark Eldar Wyches, a box of Eldar Guardians and a box of Dire Avengers. I also ordered a bunch of bits off ebay from the Shadow Warriors box set (torso’s mostly).

I did my best to mix the components, filling in gaps where necessary with greenstuff.

A simple conversion from a Lhamaean as the second in command.

To create the flamboyant centrepiece character (counting as a Dire Avenger Exarch) I took the legs from Prince Yriel, the torso from Illic Nightspear and the head form the Black Ark Fleetmaster. I had originally sculpted a mohawk onto the Yriel head but scrapped that after realising how awesome the Fleetmasters head would look.


Inevitably, I never got any of this finished in time for the Kill Team tournament but I’m still really pleased with how these turned out. I had considered building an army around these using mix plastics from the Eldar and Dark Eldar ranges, the beauty being that I could easily field a force from the rules used in either Codex (or both even).

With my typically short attention span however I’ve moved on to other projects.

If anyone is interested in purchasing these from me, please get in touch. I’m not looking to make a huge profit on them, would just like to see them go to a good home and get back the funds that went into making them.

December 12, 2014

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  • Narric Techna

    Those are some most excellent conversions 😀
    I know a couple people who might be inspired by this 😉
    Looking forward to see how this colection expands, and what future conversions and plans you have for the blog 🙂

  • Seg Mentum

    Wonderful conversions and they’ve begun generating many idea’s for me.

    Glad to see you’re back too – hope to see much more over the coming months.

    • Glad you like them.

      With three Elven model ranges and two Eldar ranges there really is massive potential for this sort of conversion.

  • Love the look of these!

  • Thaylen Jack Langsmith

    I found this page while looking for figures to put into an Eldar Corsair army. I love them, and I think I am going to try my hand at replicating the effect. Well done, quality work.

    • Thanks. The Dark Eldar Wyches really are brilliant for these. I’m going to pick up another box of them today to build a Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team.

      If I were to do Corsairs again I’d probably try and use more fantasy bits with them, especially the Shadow Warriors kit.

      • Thaylen Jack Langsmith

        Did anyone ever buy them?

        • Yeah, they sold a few months ago.

          • Thaylen Jack Langsmith

            Just curious, but you didn’t happen to get pictures of the painted models, did you?

          • Sadly not. I usually ask anyone who buys my conversions to send me pics when they are painted, but it doesn’t happen often.

            By the way have you seen this guy’s work, I’m particularly fond of this one: http://neysu.com/?p=93

          • Thaylen Jack Langsmith

            That’s a shame that you didn’t get pictures, but you can’t win them all right? That neysu guy’s work is amazing. He is excellent at picking parts to combine, however he doesn’t have your skill with the hand-sculpting. I think I like the direction of his ‘piratey’ aesthetic, however I think I will prefer less bulk to the models when I start putting mine together, which is one of the things that drew me to yours. That Shadow Warriors box is perfect for this project I think.

            As a joke I thought it would be pretty funny to give the prince a mech-parrot and a high tech tricorne, and make a custom jetpack for him made from 2 classic cannon shapes. I wouldn’t field it, but it would be a pretty amusing model.