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Lord Mephiston & Commissions

UPDATE: I’m delighted to be able to show you the Luther’s finished paintjob. To see all the pics head on over to The Mighty Brush.

Blood Angels Mephiston Lord of Death 01 750x750

I have no particular order in mind with regards to posting the projects I’ve been working on the last year or so, but with the recent release of the Blood Angels Codex and new models I figured this would a good time to show the Lord of Death.

So, first off, this was a commission piece. Not done as a truescale project but he does stand a few mm taller than a regular Space Marine. I’m really pleased with the end results and has had me rethinking how I plan to my own future Space Marines.

These are the clients own pics, better than the ones I took πŸ™




The inspiration for the project came from the original Mark Gibbons black and white artwork from the very first Angels of Death Codex. This is something I’d wanted to work on for a very long time, as I always loved that artwork. I had to modify the right hand because the pose in the artwork just doesn’t transfer well into miniature form.


As you can probably tell the starting point for the miniature is an Astrorath the Grim, who has the perfect torso armour and head for the project. This rest being plastic components and greenstuff. At the time I forgot to get much in the way of WiP pics. Although not quite the same it does dawn on me that the Β new Sanguinary Priest plastic mini has decent lower robes that might work to make a similar conversion (although less animated). I should also add that the skulls on the base were added by the client and are a very nice touch.

You’ll be able to see the painted progress and finished miniature over at TheMightyBrush.com. I highly recommend taking a look, Luther is a talented painter, who recently had some of his own painting featured in White Dwarf.



Finally, if anyone would like to commission another one of these please get in touch. If I make another one I will put together a step by step guide. I also want to take a second stab at the robes and cloak, I do find them very tricky and it’s a great model for that.

On the subject of commissions, I am looking to take on a small number of projects for a short time. I don’t often do commissions these days but lately I’ve been in the mood for a little variety. I can’t promise that I’ll take on any requests but please feel free to get in touch about it (especially the challenging stuff).

I’m particularly keen to get my teeth into more Tyranids, Eldar Aspect Warrior styled Wraithlord, Classic Rock Noise Marines πŸ˜€ and Space Marine Centurions.

December 17, 2014

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  • Narric Techna

    That is so much better than the old model GW produces!
    The use of the Astorath torso and head was definately a great starting point!

    I look forward to seeing your Noise Marines. I’ve recently stumbled upon an awesome tutorial on how to make a Sonic Blaster from spare special weapons and chaos bits πŸ™‚ Will you be doing them artscale or standard scale?

    • Thanks.

      I already have all the bits for a 6 man Noise Marine Squad, using the Forgeworld Kakophani weapons. As for scale it’ll be somewhere in the middle (about the same size as the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box).

  • Matthew Holmes

    Really glad to see you back– I was a fan since before your break. I know how hard those difficulties can be- hope things work out for you. I was wondering what happened to your true scale Kharn?

    • Thank you for saying so.

      The Kharn fig went to Volomir, not sure what’s happened with it to be honest. Kind of expect to see it painted up by now. I might email him and find out.

  • Luther

    Welcome back Lamenter, great to see you up and running with the new site. For the other commenters I am the happy and immensely proud owner of this model. I literally just finished painting him on Christmas day and have sent the pics to Lamenter, no doubt he’ll post them up when he has time. Thanks again it was a joy to paint!