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Happy Holidays everyone!

First up, thank you for all the kind words and emails I’ve been getting. I’m excited to be back and have new projects on the go 🙂

Secondly, I’ll be trying to clear out some of the projects I’ve been tinkering with over the last 6 months. Some are finished while others are very much in progress. As I complete them I’ll be adding them to a For Sale page. If you’re interested in any of them then just email me.

I’ve decided to limit my personal collection to just Tyranids and Beastmen for the time being, so all the other projects will be going up for sale. The first on the block will be the Eldar Pirates I recently posted about and a Wild Gryphon conversion.


This is partly to have a bit of a clean out and also get some funds to put towards building up a Tyranid force (Swarmy needs some minions after all).

I’m also going to add an Icon Sculpting Service to the page. I get a lot of requests for shoulder pad icons and a lot of them can be done in a few hours, so in the interest of keeping me busy I’ll be accepting all requests of shoulder pad icons. This covers all Space Marine variants and anything else of a similar size and nature.

December 25, 2014

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