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Inquisition Henchmen

UPDATE: 7th March 15

I managed to do a similar conversion to the Deathcult Assassin shown below. Obviously I had an Assassin left over from the blister, first I swapped out the legs for a pair from the Dark Eldar Wyches box set, with all the detail removed. The little leather jacket was added first in Greenstuff, making the general shape I wanted. Once cured I cut it back into a more refined shape, and then added a thin layer of Magic Sculp to clean it up and add some details.



Tiny update. I was going to save this for the finished Inquisitor update but I’m so happy with the first little conversion I figured I’d throw it up. Whilst working on my latest Inquisitor, which has turned from a quick “let’s use these up these bits” project into something far more time consuming, I came across some Death Cult Assassin finecasts I’d abandoned.

When I first bought the DC Assassins I figured I’d keep the one with the sword as stock and alter the other so they weren’t posed exactly the same. What was supposed to be a really easy re-posing end up as a mangled piece of crap and I just chucked it in the bits box and forgot about it.


I reached it out while rummaging and quite by chance found the body of a Dark Eldar Succubus that had suffered a similar fate. It’s really a very basic leg swap conversion but damn if I don’t love how it turned out. I swapped out the blades for shorter sharper looking daggers from the Scions kit, and job’s a good’un!


This conversion was an attempt to give a squad of Scions long coats from the squad leader’s coat. Truth is I’m only including this pic because I plan to take it apart and re-make it without the coat. I really love the idea of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with long coats, but I think I’m going to ditch the idea and stick to something closer to the standard Scions.


Finally, I have a fun little idea for an Underhive Scum Gang member that I want to add to my Henchmen. This is inspired by a piece of John Blanche artwork. A rat-skin hood on a cultist model, made from a spare Skaven slave mini. I really need to work on my sculpting of fur though, ironically the easiest thing for others to sculpt is the thing I can’t seem to do. I think I might add a pair of tiny horns to the head to rat.


Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 23.07.02


I think the most appealing thing about an Inquisition force is the sheer variety and opportunity to cool conversions, and the number of sources of different models you can add. As well as more Scions I want to add a re-assigned Sister of Battle, more ganger type characters, an Imperial Navel officer, Tech Priests and servitors, maybe a Daemon-Host, mutants, psykers, an Arbite or two… the list goes on.

January 7, 2015

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  • Jonathon Shircliffe

    I’m loving to see your work again.

  • John Mansell

    I keep checking in on this site cos i love all your work and the tutorials you do i got some blu-stuff after watching you, and was great for casting spare parts i need for conversion. Just wish i had any kinda skill set with green stuff like you do i would like to invest in a molding tool set but i haven’t touched my sets in forever hard jumping back in.

    so to re-cap

    i love you work
    give me your skills
    keep posting more stuff so i can learn hahahha

    all best

    • Thanks. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to do tutorials on just let me know. I’m only just getting back to posting again so posts are whatever I have on my desk at the moment, but I do want to start adding and updating tutorials.

      • Jonathon Shircliffe

        Can you make an idiot guide to sculpting a model? Like something that a person can replicate as you do it step by step? It wouldn’t have to be anything fancy but something we could do a few times over to get better with out getting bored

        • Lamenter

          It’s a good idea, although I’d definitely lean towards converting an existing model rather than sculpting from scratch. It’s a big jump from converting to pure sculpts.

          I certainly think some more step by step guides are needed.

      • John Mansell

        I think just the work your doing really, would like if you could make site so could see what latest work been up to (ascending, descending, new to old) and ano its hard but more pics of the devlepment cylce what you start with to finished product. Course if you anything like me you just pick somthing up one day and start it. again..

        all best john

        • Thanks for the feedback. I really need to work on snapping pics whilst stuff is in progress, just never occurs to me at the time. I’ll keep tinkering with the site, the newest stuff gets posted to the top generally, but I do need a few more ways to view new posts… I just really like having everything accessible right from the home page.

  • KrautScientist

    I was in love with your true scale Marines before, but these Henchmen really blow me away — some excellent work, especially the scion-based guy with the coat: Please, please don’t rip him apart again, because he is perfect! A wonderful representation of one of the coolest pieces of artwork in the Inquisitor rulebook!