Screamer Killer

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  • nidsandwolves

    Sweet conversions!!! I love where the deathleaper one is going, where did you get that plastic rock for his base?

    • Thanks. The rock is from the Empire Griffon kit.

      The Deathleaper is finally finished, I’ll be putting up a post about it soon, but in the meantime you can see it’s 360 degree video here

      • nidsandwolves

        Wow amazing!!!!!!!

      • Phil Mccabe

        That Deathleaper is amazing I wish I had your sculpting skills. Do you build it up from a metal armature? Also do you have (or can you recommend) any videos of sculpting? I’d love to do something like this. Inspiring stuff!

        • Sorry for the slow response. In this case I used a Tyranid Warrior as a basis to build on. The limbs, being so thin, were indeed built up over brass wire.

          Regarding videos, the only one I can recommend for miniatures is one from Miniature Mentor. MIKH shows how to do work using a dreadnought, I felt it was worth the money for sure. I’m not aware of many really good miniature sculpting videos, but there are some fantastic figure sculpting videos out there. One of my faves is a vid of work done sculpting an Incredible Hulk.

  • Ramon Marti Gonzalez

    Woo! I love your screamkiller!