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Category: Chaos

Artscale Abaddon the Despoiler

Without a doubt this is one of my favourite conversions and one I’d wanted to work on for a long long time. I waited until I had a lot of experience with scaled up Space Marines before even attempting it. The first attempt on the build had the right structure (size, shape, etc) but the pose […]

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The Tyrants Lightning Claws

I did a little job converting the rather stylish Lightning Claw on Forgeworlds Huron model a few weeks ago. Because there is only one right hand claw making a pair requires conversion from right to left. I also replaced the actual claws with plastic ones as the resin ones were too deformed for my tastes […]

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Artscale Chaos Space Marines

Having made rather a lot of Artscale Loyalist Space Marines I thought it about time to turn to something more Chaotic. I started with just one Artscale Chaos Space Marine Chosen as a prototype. Because of the bits available to them Chaos Space Marines are far and away easier to scale up than loyalists. Add […]

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Tutorial – Chaos Cloaks

I figured this might be useful to someone, and I was so pleased with how the addition of cloaks to my chaos space marines turned out I wanted to show exactly how the bits went together. These plastic cloaks came from the Warhammer Chaos Warriors boxset (I purchased mine from Bitz Box). I used clippers […]

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Artscale Tyrant of Badab – Huron Blackheart

This is my conversion of Huron Blackheart done on commission (EDIT:note that this is before the Forgeworld version was released). It is based off of the artwork featured in the BoLS Badab War supplement, the directions from the client was to have him striding forward. I ended up taking this apart twice to get the striding […]

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