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Category: Green Stuff

Sneak Peek: Small Scale Wings

Just wanted to share a quick sneak peek of a piece I’m working on for Anvil Industry. This is the two wings of a jet pack like device (as far as I know). What you see here will be split down the middle. The reverse side will be have identical details. Because I needed to […]

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Rubber Molds & Green Stuff

Technically the title of this post isn’t entirely accurate but I’ll get to that in a bit. Any one who’s read my previous posts will have come across my use of Blu-Stuff putty to make simple push molds and simple Green Stuff casts. Whilst I’ve found this immensely useful ...

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Gabriel Angelos – Part 2

I put the finishing touches to the Gabriel Angelos conversion a few days ago. The two main parts of the conversion that I think require some explanation are the cloak and the Thunder Hammer (which I’ve been informed is correctly called Godsplitter). Originally I had tried to sculpt a cloak ...

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Spiked Mace

I just wanted to share this as a separate post rather than as part of the update to my Winged Doombull project. I was very keen to replace the standard Doombull’s axe with something matching the model that inspired the conversion in the first place. The head of the weapon is actually a ...

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Heavy Flamer Gauntlet

[one_half]   [/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] Here’s a Heavy Flamer gauntlet destined to be fitted to a Counts As Vulkan He’stan conversion (not mine). The process is pretty simple. I took a plastic power fist from the Assault Squad box set I believe. I removed all ...

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All About Clay Shapers

Clay Shapers (also called colour shapers) are used by sculptors and some painters and are rubber tipped tools that can be used for moving and smoothing modeling putty and or paint.   These are the clay shapers I have and they’ve served me well so far but I would like some more, ...

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