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Category: Tutorials

Liquid Blu-Stuff

So I’ve got a new product to compliment the original Blu-Stuff molding putty. This Liquid Blu-Stuff (I may yet change the name) is just as easy to use as the putty, is non-toxic, and cures incredibly quickly compared to many other silicone rubbers (at least that I know of). Unlike the ...

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Tutorial – Artscale Arms

This is a slight update to the Version 2.0 of my guide to converting Actual Scale Space Marines (original post found here) that makes arms much more straightforward and doesn’t rely on having an abundance of terminator arms. I’ve tried to make this as easy to follow as possible, a picture says ...

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Tutorial – Painting Yellow

I originally posted this tutorial on a couple of forums a few years back and found myself looking for it recently as I want to paint my new Master of the Forge in yellow armour. I figured I re-post it here amongst other tutorials. The first section of this tutorial is for those people lucky ...

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