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In the interest of making my life a little simpler I no longer sell product through this website.

You can still find both my Blu-Stuff products at Blu-Stuff.com

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  • Erich1234562002

    I got my talons last week I let MoTF know but I wanted to post so everyone knows how perfect they are for Terminators they fit perfect and look Great and as always MoTF Ships them fast and packaged perfectly!

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      Thanks man, really nice of you to say. I do make an effort to get things shipped out as quickly as possible.

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  • Grovel

    Wheres the acrual store? I see no products

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      I see no issues on my end. A browser issue perhaps? Have tried a different browser?

  • rerog_fx

     The castingquality looks good but it cost to much for a 2 componentsilicone.
    I use a shore A 18-20 silicone and it cost 24,82£/kg I think its a littlebit cheeper than 84,95£/kg.

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      In order to explain this pricing I’d like to put forward a few points…

      Firstly this is a different product. Correct me if I’m wrong but the silicone rubber you’re talking about needs to be accurately measured with the correct amount of corresponding catalyst added. I’m also assuming the curing time is about 8 to 24 hours (again products vary but this seems to be standard). Blu-Stuff Silicone Rubber cures in 20 minutes and can be measured by eye by simply pouring approximately equal amounts of each colour. It is also possible to mix very small quanities with this, something not so easy to do with regular silicone+cataclyst products.

      Secondly, it costs far more per kilo to buy this product into stock, even in bulk, than the regular silicone rubber you mention sells at. The reason for this is as already mentioned, it’s a different product with different properties and is ultimately more expensive to produce.

      Thirdly, I’m retailing this is much smaller quantities, aimed at those people who are doing small projects. A lot of people will have small model or crafts projects that only require a couple hundred grams at most. If I decide to retail a larger option in future the price per gram will obviously come down, just as I have done with the Blu-Stuff Putty.

      One final point I think worth adding is that shipping fee to the customer never exceeds £1.99, I think it is important that it costs the same regardless of where in the world you live (unfortunately I have no control over exchange rates).

      Ultimately, if you are better served by buying another product elsewhere, you should buy that product. That’s what a free market is all about.

  • ultramarb0y159

    hey can u sell molds like the techmarine legs or other molds u made because i have a night mare of time and little time to sculpt so please its your choice to do this

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      Sorry no molds, but I think you’ll be pleased with the range of models I’m working on, that should fit most peoples truescaling needs. Still a long way to go before they are ready for release though.

  • Th3Gh0st

    It says in the store that you are out of stock on the mechanical talons…any idea when your going to have more? I’m very interested in the five pack.

  • Oktane

    Any updates on the True Scale models? Very keen to get my hands on some…

    • http://masteroftheforge.com Lamenter

      Unfortunately this isn’t going to be happening and I apologise if I’ve got anyones hopes up.

      I’ve been back and forth with this decision the last couple of years, and been watching others progress in this area.

      Sad fact is that accurate truescale components would be a breach of GWs Copyright. No real way around it without making the models very generic or substantially different, and as a fanboy that’s not something I want to do.

      There have been others making truescale Space Marine components and as far as I know they’ve all been shut down by GW with the exception Chapterhousestudios, who are a special exception for obvious reasons.

      I suggest anyone wanting to buy truescale components get them from Chapterhouse or learn to make their own.

      My own plans for building my own miniature range (prototypes in production) are going to be completely independent and have no connection to GW or there products. The first of these will be previewed here in November.

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  • Brandon Burt

    Whats the difference between art scale and true scale??