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Tag: Painting

Black Crusade 2012: Sorcerer Part 3

I finished the paint job on this a few days ago but have been procrastinating over posting it. I have come to realise that with having painted much the last year or so that my painting skills seem to have diminished a bit. I found myself at a bit of a loss regarding the black […]

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Painting the Doombull – Part 2

I put in some much needed time painting my Winged Doombull recently. Although I was inspired by a Tzeentch themed Doombull from an ancient White Dwarf issue aswell as the Tzeentch themed content from Warhammer Online when I began this project I’ve felt rather stuck when it came to painting it. Because of this I’ve […]

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Painting the Doombull – Part 1

It’s been really nice to do some painting for a change as it’s been so long since I’ve really sat down and painted pretty much anything. I expected my collection of GW paints to have dried out long ago, but going through them I only ended up throwing away 2 that were beyond use. I […]

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Tutorial – Checks on Shoulder Pads

I’ve seen many attempts at painting checks onto Space Marine shoulder pads (for Lamenters chapter models) that in my mind don’t quite look right. I’ve been asked more than a few times how I did them on my own, so here’s the mini guide I did a while back. The problem I’ve seen people have […]

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