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Tag: Artscale

What’s on the horizon?

Greetings all. So I know updates lately have been even sparser than usual. Unfortunately that’s not going to change any time soon. It’s time for me to move away from what I’ve focused this blog on for so long (those ever popular Space Marines) and start to work on my own ...

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Truescale Kharn – Part 1

This particular project has had an insanely long delay period, but I finally got stuck in a few weeks ago. This model is my half of a trade I agreed to with Volomir where he would paint up one of my conversions to put up charity auction in exchange for this model. At the moment this […]

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Artscale Space Marine Casts

In my last post I showed my attempts at making a cast of my long time coming Primarch project. I filled the silicone rubber mold with Green Stuff and the cast I got out of that the next day was actually pretty decent considering. Perhaps because the Green Stuff wasn’t exposed to air when ...

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Look what came in the post!

I just wanted to share this little gem that I got in the post this morning. I ordered a Goldar the Barbarian from Reaper after seeing it on a Beast of War ‘On the Table‘ episode. Whenever I roleplay or play games like HeroQuest (yes I still play HeroQuest) or play MMORPGs I almost ...

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