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Tag: Chaos

Great Unclean One

I, like many of you have always been a big fan of the Forgeworld Great Unclean One. Festooned with detail, it beautifully captures the character of Nurgle’s Greater Daemon. I’d always wanted one but without a reason to convert it I put off buying one. Then one day last year I came across a piece […]

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Chaos Obliterators

This project has been one of the more demanding commissions I’ve tackled recently. I’m sure many of you will recognise the original inspiration for the project as those made by David DE ABREU and full credit to him for the concept and execution of turning Centurions into Obliterators. I remember being blown away by the quality of […]

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Blood Bowl Chaos Team

I was very excited to hear of Blood Bowl’s planned re-release (all the specialist games in fact), it being amongst my favourite games of all time. When my local store announced they’d be running a league using current Competition Rule Set I excited signed up, figuring I could bash a team together from what I […]

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