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Tag: Cloak

Gabriel Angelos – Part 2

I put the finishing touches to the Gabriel Angelos conversion a few days ago. The two main parts of the conversion that I think require some explanation are the cloak and the Thunder Hammer (which I’ve been informed is correctly called Godsplitter). Originally I had tried to sculpt a cloak ...

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Artscale Commander Culln (#2)

This was my second Lord Commander Culln conversion, commissioned after I made the first one. I followed the same guidelines as before only really altering the cloak. I took this cloak from a Hector Rex Forgeworld mini (with a lot of whittling of the inside to make it fit). Even though it ...

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Artscale Vulkan He’stan

I used the official Vulkan miniature as the design base for this conversion but I want to re-pose it (as well as true scale it). I tried to give him the striding pose shown in the artwork in the codex but I wanted the arms posed differently because when arms are positioned across the chest […]

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