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Tag: Combat Squad

Painted Truescale Space Marines

I recently got some pics sent my way of conversions I’d worked on for other people. It’s actually quite rare for me to see models I’ve worked on actually painted, so to see these is a bit of a treat for me (too much green and grey on this blog). I have to admit when […]

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Artscale Grey Knight Squad

This 5 man Grey Knight squad are to based on Grey Knights immediately after the Heresy. As such they have Nemesis Force Weapons in the style of those on 1st edition Grey Knights, ie: Halberds with storm bolters built in. I opted to use the older metal Terminators as a base for the legs as […]

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Artscale Combat Squad

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last] I didn’t really get around to making a “work in progress” post about this squad unfortunately the finished pics will have to suffice. Pretty standard work, all in all. With the exception of the shoulders (I made once then cast nine duplicates using Blu-Stuff) each Space Marine was built in the same way […]

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Artscale Blood Angels Combat Squad

These were my first Actual Scale conversions that I made using the tutorial first posted by Doghouse on the Bolter & Chainsword forums. This squad originally started out as a Black Dragons Squad but quickly turned into a Blood Angels squad as I’m apt to changing my mind every 5 minutes. After making this squad […]

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