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Tag: Crozius Arcanum

Artscale Terminator Chaplain

This particular conversion was part of the Mark V army I was commission to build. There’s pic of an Assault Terminator on page 31 of the 4th Ed. SM Codex with riveted legs armour. That’s what I tried to capture here, that there is an extra layer of armour riveted onto his normal Terminator suit, […]

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Artscale Chaplain

This particular conversion is for the Mark V army I’ve spent an age working on. Pretty straight forward really. The helm is from GW’s biker chaplain (accessory mounted on back of the bike) that’s been sitting in my bitz box for 12 years! The custom crozius is a power axe with the iron halo taken […]

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Artscale Grey Knight Chaplain

Ever since reading the Grey Knights Omnibus book I’ve wanted to convert a Grey Knight Chaplain (NOTE: this is before the release of the 5th edition Grey Knight codex). When I decide to start any kind of project I look for inspiration (usually artwork or other minis) to help envision what I want the final […]

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