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Tag: Deathwatch

Charity Auction

Hi all. So I have this Artscale Deathwatch mini (Imperial Fist) that I made for commission a couple of months ago and unfortunately the client hasn’t got back to me. Rather than just try and find a buyer, I’m going to auction it off and give the money to a local RSPCA Animal Rescue Centre […]

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Artscale Mark VIII Deathwatch

This is only my second Mark VIII power armour conversion. The first work in progress pic below shows the three basic components (legs, torso and head) assembled and based to give an early impression of how the final model will look. Normally I make the legs and torso separately and assemble later but I think doing it […]

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Artscale Deathwatch Devastator

Here is a commission for a single Deathwatch Space Marine (to be used in FFG Deathwatch RPG). The brief was far more specific than I normally like (I like to be as free as possible in the creation process) but I really liked the concept. Sometimes having someone push for a really specific finish can […]

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