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Tag: Gauntlet

Heavy Flamer Gauntlet

[one_half]   [/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] Here’s a Heavy Flamer gauntlet destined to be fitted to a Counts As Vulkan He’stan conversion (not mine). The process is pretty simple. I took a plastic power fist from the Assault Squad box set I believe. I removed all the surface details so that when sculpting over a new “skin” […]

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Blood Ravens – Vulkan He’stan

This particular character conversion was done for a client’s (forum username Roleplayer) Blood Raven army. You can follow his immense Blood Raven Project Blog here. The conversion is mine but the paintjob is by the client and I think you’ll agree it’s top notch. This particular Blood Raven character will count as Vulkan He’stan. Overall […]

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Artscale Vulkan He’stan

I used the official Vulkan miniature as the design base for this conversion but I want to re-pose it (as well as true scale it). I tried to give him the striding pose shown in the artwork in the codex but I wanted the arms posed differently because when arms are positioned across the chest […]

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