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Tag: Grey Knights

Artscale Grey Knight Squad

This 5 man Grey Knight squad are to based on Grey Knights immediately after the Heresy. As such they have Nemesis Force Weapons in the style of those on 1st edition Grey Knights, ie: Halberds with storm bolters built in. I opted to use the older metal Terminators as a base for the legs as […]

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Artscale Grey Knight Terminator

Overall I’m very happy with how this particular model turned out and I have to say an army of these (lets face it there aren’t many models in a GK army) would look just glorious on any battlefield, especially if they are stood next to non-superhuman models. To describe the actual work done; the legs […]

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Artscale Grey Knight Chaplain

Ever since reading the Grey Knights Omnibus book I’ve wanted to convert a Grey Knight Chaplain (NOTE: this is before the release of the 5th edition Grey Knight codex). When I decide to start any kind of project I look for inspiration (usually artwork or other minis) to help envision what I want the final […]

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