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Tag: Iconography

Flesh Tearers Icons

Just a small project iconography project here. I made three Flesh Tearers icons in different sizes all using the same approach. I started by taking a small ball of Green Stuff and flattening it into a smooth round disc. Then I took a plastic circular rod and made indentations around the edge. Finally I cut […]

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Blu-Stuff Iconography Molds

Please excuse the simplicity of this video, this is my very first attempt at making a video ever, so it’s a little rough. I wanted to show how easy it is to cast small details like iconography in Green Stuff using Blu-Stuff as a mold. I started with some icons I sculpted myself for a […]

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Artscale Talos of the Night Lords

This is a an Artscale version of Talos from the Night Lords Legion based upon available artwork (mostly from book covers). From what I can tell he seems to be equipped with almost a full suit of mark V armour. Whilst I could have fashioned one of my own style Mark V helm I decided […]

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Artscale Pre-Heresy Terminator

So here is a Pre-Heresy Terminator armed with Lightning Claws (of the Alpha Legion). The claws took a while to get right, my first attempt made them with the fingers too long so I removed a few joints from the lightning claws to shorten them. The rest of the model followed my standard method of […]

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Tutorial – Sculpting Chapter Badges

I’ve been asked about how I sculpt chapter badges on shoulder pads more times than I care to remember so here’s a quick tutorial into how I do it. Other more talented sculptors probably have better approaches and results but this is how I tackle them. In this example I’ll be making an Alpha Legion […]

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