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Tag: Lightning Claws

Artscale Pre-Heresy Terminator

So here is a Pre-Heresy Terminator armed with Lightning Claws (of the Alpha Legion). The claws took a while to get right, my first attempt made them with the fingers too long so I removed a few joints from the lightning claws to shorten them. The rest of the model followed my standard method of […]

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The Tyrants Lightning Claws

I did a little job converting the rather stylish Lightning Claw on Forgeworlds Huron model a few weeks ago. Because there is only one right hand claw making a pair requires conversion from right to left. I also replaced the actual claws with plastic ones as the resin ones were too deformed for my tastes […]

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Artscale Mark V Assault Squad

This is the finished Assault Squad built in Artscale for an entire Mark V Artscale army. Much like the previous 2 (Squad 1 & Squad 2) squads I followed a modified version of the Artscale Tutorial. The nice thing about Assault Squads is that you have far more options when it comes to posing the […]

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