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Tag: Liquid Blu-Stuff

Video Tutorial: Green Stuff Casting

So I haven’t had much time for anything lately but I decided to put together a better video tutorial for casting Green Stuff using Liquid Blu-Stuff. The last few months the majority of questions I’ve gotten via email have been concerning precisely this, and as I needed to cast something for my own project I […]

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Green Stuff Cast Shoulder Pad

So I’m nearly done painting the Chaos Sorcerer. In the meantime I’ve got a small post on an test I did casting a Green Stuff shoulder pad. In a recent post about silicone rubber and casting Green Stuff someone left a comment saying they were having a few problems casting a shoulder pad using my […]

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Rubber Molds & Green Stuff

Technically the title of this post isn’t entirely accurate but I’ll get to that in a bit. Any one who’s read my previous posts will have come across my use of Blu-Stuff putty to make simple push molds and simple Green Stuff casts. Whilst I’ve found this immensely useful there are limitations. Because the Blu-Stuff […]

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Liquid Blu-Stuff

So I’ve got a new product to compliment the original Blu-Stuff molding putty. This Liquid Blu-Stuff (I may yet change the name) is just as easy to use as the putty, is non-toxic, and cures incredibly quickly compared to many other silicone rubbers (at least that I know of). Unlike the Blu-Stuff putty which is […]

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