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Tag: Magnets

Artscale Mark VIII Deathwatch

This is only my second Mark VIII power armour conversion. The first work in progress pic below shows the three basic components (legs, torso and head) assembled and based to give an early impression of how the final model will look. Normally I make the legs and torso separately and assemble later but I think doing it […]

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Artscale Terminator Squad

To date this is the only Terminator squad I have done in Artscale. Note: the above photo shows the models not quite finished but I wanted to include a picture of the Bane-Raider in here This squad was a continuation of the first prototype Artscale Terminator. All the models had magentized arms and shoulder pads […]

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Artscale Terminator

This was my first proper attempt at an Artscale Terminator. Not an easy process by any means and I’d suggest you have a good grasp of sculpting with Green Stuff before attempting something like this. The basic conversion goes something is basically a Terminator frame with lengthened legs (plasticard spacers), widened torso and a “skin” […]

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Artscale Mark V Tactical Squad (2)

This squad was done as part of a commission for a full army of Artscale Space Marines all in Mark V armour. You can find all posts pertaining to that army here. The client who commissioned this squad requested that they be striding forward. On the majority of the figures I’ve tried to position the […]

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