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Tag: Mark V

Artscale Mark V Pedro Kantor

This is one of a few characters to lead the Mark V artscale army I’ve been working on. This one is a counts as Pedro Kantor. I’ve tried to give him an authorative commanding pose, ordering his troops to move their asses to the objective. I really wanted to try another scratch built power ...

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Artscale Mark V Assault Squad

This is the finished Assault Squad built in Artscale for an entire Mark V Artscale army. Much like the previous 2 (Squad 1 & Squad 2) squads I followed a modified version of the Artscale Tutorial. The nice thing about Assault Squads is that you have far more options when it comes to posing ...

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Artscale Back Pack (Mark 4-6)

This widened back (made for a scaled up Space Marine model) was done in a simpler and cleaner way to that featured in my Artscale Tutorial. The basic approach is to cleanly chop a single back pack in half down the centreline. Glue it back together with a plasticard spacer in the middle ...

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