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Tag: Rivets

Tutorial – Making a Mark V Helm

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I make my version of the mark V power armour helmet. The items and tools used are a mark 7 helm (I use the one with two breather tubes on either side), greenstuff, Grandt Line plastic rivets (0.81mm), a small chisel ended clay shaper and a sharp scalpel. Start […]

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Artscale Tyrant of Badab – Huron Blackheart

This is my conversion of Huron Blackheart done on commission (EDIT:note that this is before the Forgeworld version was released). It is based off of the artwork featured in the BoLS Badab War supplement, the directions from the client was to have him striding forward. I ended up taking this apart twice to get the striding […]

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Artscale Alpha Legionaires Squad

Like much of my converting work I personally wasn’t satisfied with this project until about 80% of the way in when it started to really come together properly. These follow the basic guidelines laid out in my Artscale Tutorial. Initially I had tried to pose some of the squad in a striding pose, but many of […]

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Artscale Mark V Tactical Squad (2)

This squad was done as part of a commission for a full army of Artscale Space Marines all in Mark V armour. You can find all posts pertaining to that army here. The client who commissioned this squad requested that they be striding forward. On the majority of the figures I’ve tried to position the […]

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Artscale Space Marine Individuals

These three Artscale conversions were my first prototypes of non-Tactical Space Marines. I was keen to try out new things now that I felt able to make basic scaled up Space Marines. The Assault Marine was painted up to be an Emperor’s Spear just because I liked the colour scheme. Admittedly the painted battle damage […]

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