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Tag: Space Marine

Mephiston, the Lord of Death

When I first asked to create another Mephiston conversion I was a little hesitant, having done two already and I wasn’t keen on doing more of the same, however, the client was after something a little more unique. The brief he left me with was to use the plastic Blood Angel Chaplain as a starting […]

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Commander Dante 2

This is my second Dante conversion. The client requested a close remake of my original, but I wanted to change the base to something a little less bland. One of the difficulties in trying to replicate a conversion or sculpt is that you just can’t make it exactly the same, there are going to be […]

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Commander Dante

This particular conversion has been a labour of love, while not exactly easy it’s turned out beyond my expectations. The conversion is based off a black and white illustration of Dante from 3rd edition 40K. My original intent was to simply take the base figure and re-pose it, but it just sort of developed into […]

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The Lord of Death (again)

So I finished this second Mephiston conversion some time ago but my record breaking procrastination has meant I haven’t updated the site for a while. This image is taken from Luther’s (the painter’s) blog TheMightyBrush.com and he has a lot more photos of the finished model so I urge you to check out his site. I’m sure […]

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