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Tag: Space Marine

The Emperor’s Finest. Created by Games Workshop.

Gabriel Angelos – Part 2

I put the finishing touches to the Gabriel Angelos conversion a few days ago. The two main parts of the conversion that I think require some explanation are the cloak and the Thunder Hammer (which I’ve been informed is correctly called Godsplitter). Originally I had tried to sculpt a cloak ...

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Artscale Space Marine Casts

In my last post I showed my attempts at making a cast of my long time coming Primarch project. I filled the silicone rubber mold with Green Stuff and the cast I got out of that the next day was actually pretty decent considering. Perhaps because the Green Stuff wasn’t exposed to air when ...

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Artscale Chaplain

This particular conversion is for the Mark V army I’ve spent an age working on. Pretty straight forward really. The helm is from GW’s biker chaplain (accessory mounted on back of the bike) that’s been sitting in my bitz box for 12 years! The custom crozius is a power axe with the iron halo ...

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