What is Master of the Forge about?

Welcome to Master of the Forge, my personal wargames miniature conversions and sculpting hobby blog. My name’s Simon Black (I often go by Lamenter on forums, etc).

Master of the Forge is a one man project blog predominantly featuring conversions and modelling work of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 and more often than not “Artscale” conversions of their iconic Space Marine miniatures. A lot of the projects featured here have been commission work, something I’ve since moved away from doing.

Since the early days of “Rogue Trader” I have been a massive fan of Warhammer 40,000 and the superhuman Space Marines in particular. I have a particular fascination with idea of “Artscale” conversions, whereby models are scaled up and reposed to be more inline with how they are represented in official GW artwork. The term “Artscale” evolved from the True Scale conversions of Space Marine when I realised that the main source of inspiration for the conversions was coming almost exclusively from artwork, both official and fan based. These conversions focused on making miniatures appropriately reflect a 7-8 foot tall superhuman, when stood next to a regular 6 foot Imperial Guardsman miniature.

The blog ran like this pretty smoothly for a couple of years with an average update of once a week, and I like to think I helped to inspire more than a handful of people to try the more extreme end of converting miniatures. However, although I’ve kept the site up and running for the last couple of years I’ve not been adding any new content, until now. Long story short, I’ve had my fair share of issues with depression. I hope I can now start to share some new projects with visitors, as I work to putting my life back on track.

Moving into 2015 I’ll be adding more variety of content, plus some original sculpts I hope to make available in limited quantities. If there’s any specific content you’d like to see added to the site please let me know. I’ll be trying to do more tutorials and making them more accessible to the average hobbyist.


I just want to add a final big Thank You to all for the continuing support, even during my prolonged absence.