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What is Master of the Forge about?

Welcome to Master of the Forge, my name’s Lamenter (Simon Black IRL).

Master of the Forge started out as a one man project blog predominantly featuring conversions and modelling work of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 and more often than not “Artscale” conversions of their iconic Space Marine miniatures.

Since the early days of “Rogue Trader” I have been a massive fan of Warhammer 40,000 and the superhuman Space Marines in particular. I have a particular fascination with idea of “Artscale” conversions, whereby models are scaled up and reposed to be more inline with how they are represented in official GW artwork. The term “Artscale” evolved from the True Scale and Actual Scale conversions of Space Marine. These conversions focused on making miniatures appropriately reflect a 7-8 foot tall superhuman, when stood next to a regular 6 foot Imperial Guardsman miniature.

The blog ran like this pretty smoothly for a couple of years with an average update of once a week, and I like to think I helped to inspire more than a handful of people to try the more extreme end of converting miniatures. However, on a few occasions in the past I’ve found myself looking for older posts on my blog, looking for a previous project to check how I did something or an image to forward to someone and I found myself struggling to find what I was looking for. Now if the author of said content can’t find it how hard is it going to be for someone new to my blog? I think you know the answer.

So I opted for a major redesign of the website. Now rather than a project being scattered over several posts each will have a single post with updates if necessary. I’ll be trying to cover a wider range of modelling projects than I have in the past and also try to include more tutorials, competitions and a charity event at least once a year. I’ll also run a blog within all this for all the miscellaneous rubbish in my head.

Thanks for the continuing support.


For anyone interested you can find an archived version of the old blog here: