Artscale Space Marine Scouts

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  • Captain Cirion

    I thought about doing a small group of Artscale marines for INQ28. I actually dont want to go to more than 2 marines and 2 Scouts. Would you say, that the new Ogryn legs and arms could maybe used as artscale equivalents for scouts?

    For my marines I will use a bunch of stuff: Anvilndustries, mastercrafted, FW Terminator Heresy legs and arms (should make a great scale). I rather kitbash and sculpt the seems and details than sculpt half a miniature…thats where my question is coming from 🙂

    • I would guess that Ogryn legs would not be particularly suitable. FW Terminator legs are perfect if you want to avoid sculpting. My suggestion would be make scouts based on their original design from Rogue Trader era and use regular power armour legs. Use a bit of green stuff to make the thighs look like fabric trousers. Then just use regular scout parts for the upper body.

      • Captain Cirion

        okay thx!
        Will give that a try