Vulkan He’stan Rebuild

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  • Anonymous

    Wow that is cool. I am not a fan of Salamanders, but I definitely hope to see some video tutorials how to sculpt those gears near boots and those tubes.

    • Your wish is my command 😉

      Seriously I’ll try and put something together. The tubes were made using a TubeTool fro Expensive tool but worth it considering the results.

  • Erich1234562002

    As always your work is amazing!! I hope we can talk you out of retiring from commission work. As for plastic card I myself Like it better being that I dont have the artistic ability to scuplt with the green stuff but mechanically I am not affriad to cut and add plastic card and patch up the cut lines with green stuff, or cut it to make something out of it.

  • Erich1234562002

    Also I love the gears around the feet pretty cool!

  • faolan_conall

    This is amazing!  If you still took commissions, I’d have one of these done (and I don’t even do Salamanders!).