What’s on the horizon?

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  • Tylermenz

    If its kickstarter, I will definitely pledge, although can’t say the same for indiegogo. Can’t wait to see what is coming.

    • Thanks.

      I really hope the concept’s going to appeal to people as much as it does to me.

      It most likely will be Kickstarter, but I still have to read the fine print on both sites.

      • volomir

        What’s exactly the problem between Indiegogo and Kickstarter? Tylermenz why would you pledge on Kickstarter and not on Indiegogo?

        • Tylermenz

          I already have a Kickstarter Account, and I am just not a huge fan of indiegogo, whereas i very much like kickstarter, especially the paying through amazon partnership.

  • Tarvick

    Looking forward to seeing what you have.

  • Dave Taylor

    While I have really enjoyed your 40K and Warhammer projects, I’m excited to see what cool, original content your creative mind can churn out. All the best with your new endeavors!


    • Thanks Dave, I really appreciate the support.

  • Angus

    Always interested to see what your working on. Bring it on I say!

  • I’ve lately done a couple of conversions based on your work and will post them up on my blog soon enough, of course with links to yours. I’d love to see what you have planned and if you’re going to make a line of your own it would be cool to chat on it sometime.

    • Thanks, I’m always interested to see new conversions.

      I can’t wait to get this work to a stage where it’s ready to reveal and I can chat about it and get feedback. Right now I’m working on the first few models, concept work and have just finalised the backstory for the whole thing. It’s slow progress but I’m excited with how it’s all coming together.

      • awesome! Well I’ve had a project in the backburner for some time and have the backstory pretty much finalized, since you’re starting something concrete it’d be good to at least talk about it.