Lord Mephiston & Commissions

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  • Narric Techna

    That is so much better than the old model GW produces!
    The use of the Astorath torso and head was definately a great starting point!

    I look forward to seeing your Noise Marines. I’ve recently stumbled upon an awesome tutorial on how to make a Sonic Blaster from spare special weapons and chaos bits ๐Ÿ™‚ Will you be doing them artscale or standard scale?

    • Thanks.

      I already have all the bits for a 6 man Noise Marine Squad, using the Forgeworld Kakophani weapons. As for scale it’ll be somewhere in the middle (about the same size as the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box).

  • Matthew Holmes

    Really glad to see you back– I was a fan since before your break. I know how hard those difficulties can be- hope things work out for you. I was wondering what happened to your true scale Kharn?

    • Thank you for saying so.

      The Kharn fig went to Volomir, not sure what’s happened with it to be honest. Kind of expect to see it painted up by now. I might email him and find out.

  • Luther

    Welcome back Lamenter, great to see you up and running with the new site. For the other commenters I am the happy and immensely proud owner of this model. I literally just finished painting him on Christmas day and have sent the pics to Lamenter, no doubt he’ll post them up when he has time. Thanks again it was a joy to paint!