Artscale Ultramarines 3rd Company – Part 1

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  • Tristan Cotterill

    What a great project, will be following along with great interest. Maybe one day they will get to face my sisters 😉 I always thought the only true way to do an entire true scale army would be to go down the same route as you are. Best of luck to you

  • Thaylen Jack Langsmith

    Nice!!! I think this is a great project, and I can’t wait to see the next installment. I was just thinking that myself as I was browsing your tutorials last week “I wonder if he is going to build a whole army eventually?”
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks. It’s very long term, but when in not working on this I’ll be posting new content of some kind.

      Hopefully this will be just the first of many Space Marine forces. Can’t decide on a chapter… Well I’ll just do them all ?

  • Larg from BDK

    Nice work! Your work on greenstuff is very clean and the masters are impressive.
    Thanks also for sharing your .psd file which could be helpful. Good luck for the following army.
    I will looking for update!

  • crabdragon243

    So far your sculpts look absolutely stunning (as always). I specifically love the heavily-modified Heresy-era boltguns you did. I can’t wait for this to go through.

  • Emil

    And I just sit here, falls in love with it all, but lacks the skills to make it XD
    So the question is: Would you sell the stuff you also get cast? Like you did with the claws?

    • Thanks. I’ll be happy to use the castings (once I have them) in commission work, but I have no intention of selling them as a kit.

  • Barnaby Lovell

    Do you have a rough cost per squad of art scale marines. Loved yours since they started but only now have the income and painting skills to justify them

    • Thank you.

      At the moment my rough estimate for the price of a fully built and converted Space Marine (of any type or chapter) is £30 each.

      I do want to have some of my own Ultramarines made first so I have a solid example before offering to do them on commission.

  • Julien

    Wow love this. It’s all about the full chest and oversized shoulder pads I think to create the desired artscale effect. I’ve always struggled with the thigh size in both art and existing models though cause it’s always too small considering how huge space marine quads would be. But expanding those tends to mess up the heroic proportions.

    What do you use for the rivets? Are all the chest decorations from press moulds? Any chance we can get a guide for the bolters? Hard to tell exactly what you changed but they look fantastic. Thanks!

    • Thanks.

      The rivets are from model railway range called Grandt Line. I find them tough to find here in the UK. An alternative I’ve bought from before is

      While I do use press moulds when it suits me, I believe these were done from scratch. Press moulding can be incredibly helpful, but sometimes you got to do it the hard way. The bolter was very tricky to do, so sorry no guides. It was basically built from multiple bolter and combi-bolter bits with a skin of greenstuff to cover the joins. I need to make some more of different marks so I’ll try to remember to take pics in future.

  • Valten

    Very Very nice good sir. Been periodically checking in hoping to see more of your artscale. Glad you’ve come back to us.

    • Thanks. These will still be a while before they are a finished thing, but very much something to look forward to. In the meantime I’ll be posting more commission pieces and a personal fantasy related project before the end of the year.

      • Valten

        Ahoy good sir. Got any new pictures of that Mk2 looking Artscale guy?

        • Lamenter

          Unfortunately, I’ve not had the chance to do any work on my Artscale Marines in quite some time. Hoping to get back to them later in the year when I’ve finished all my current commissions.

  • vincent shaw

    is there any chance you’d be willing to part with a squad of 5-10?

    • If I had some to part with then sure but unfortunately I’m still waiting to see the production casts myself. I’m going to chase this up and find out where this is going. I didn’t want to do the casting myself but if it comes to it I will.

  • Heruwulfaz

    I really love your work. You inspired me to do a small Artscale Deathwatch force. I have to learn much in regards of sculpting and paintig, but that’s the attraction of those projects =)

  • Evgeny Kirsanov
    • Sorry for the slow response, I have been a bit scatterbrained lately.

      These look really impressive, I especially like the Ultramarine, excellent clean sculpting and cool paint job too.