Please note, I’m currently unavailable for any new commission projects.


Time Requirement.
I typically have a queue of commissions that are tackled in the order I recieve them. As most of the projects I work on are highly complex the time required for each usually starts at at least 2 weeks. A 2 to 3 month waiting period is not uncommon.


Each commission is accessed individually and is calculated on the base cost of kits and any additional bits needed, my estimated number of hours and shipping. I am based in the UK and will ship worldwide, but prices obviously vary. Any Paypal fees incurred are included in my quotes.
I require 25% of the quote (not including shipping) as a deposit. This allows me to purchase the model to be converted and any additional materials/tools.
If you need to cancel a commission project, this deposit is refundable if work has not begun or parts not purchased. If you need to cancel after work has started the refundable amount is at my discretion and based on my time spent and expenses.
The remaining 75% plus shipping is due upon completion (see below).


The Process.
When I begin a project my approach is to provide “work in progress” photos to a client about once a week. Feedback and criticism is welcome and I will often have questions over preferences. I’m as passionate about miniatures as my cleints and I want them to be as pleased with the finished pieces as I would want to be.
You can be as specific as you like or give me free reign with the design process (I find a balance of the two yields the best results), but ultimately I run all major decisions about the work by the client.
Once the project reaches what I feel is a finished state, I provide you with a full range of photos (and these days video too) and ask if you have any final adjustments to make. The final payment and shipping is only due once you are fully satisfied with the end results.